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Clay from Mexico, clay from California, coyote pelt from California, felt, tulle, silk-screen ink, and video projection

This is documentation of an installation that incorporated a performance. The video projection is on a 24-minute loop of the sun rising and setting. The viewers' shadows are incorporated into the piece and make them question which side of the projected fence they are on. 50 feet of tulle silkscreened fabric hangs from the ceiling and lines up with the projected fence. A puppeteer (Ben Elling) performed as a hybrid man/coyote behind the tulle silkscreened fence. On one side of the tulle fence was dry clay from Mexico, and right under the fence was dry clay from California. During the performance the puppeteer used a coyote pelt to mix together the clay from both sides of the border. 

Referencing Joseph Beuys’ piece “I Like America and America Likes Me," I hoped to invoke themes such as land, migration and nationality, especially in terms of the current events around the Mexican/US border. 

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