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Landless Latitude

Baseball Stadium, lights and music

I organized a sound piece that took place at UNC’s Boshamer Baseball Stadium. The stadium was empty with no other event scheduled, and I had the stadium lights turned on and music blasted through the PA sound system. The music was made by two of my cousins who were in one of the earliest all-female Mariachi bands in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Connected halos brim trimmed

in Spanish black work,

the crown and tassels down

brush embellished embroidered

short work jacket.

Hold on to that golden gold

and diamonds shine cuff links.


Pre-loomed, we finger weaved

Pre-conquest, we knotted

twinning and netting

wafting and warping

looping the loop

flowing chain linked Netflix.


A wide tied tie,

a bow’s best friend,

A white wide belt

soft open mesh

hissing grease-pan fabric

one-shoulder fringe cape

framed velvet cornered laces.


Hammered coins of dented faces

stone bones up the clef

like bells that bass

while silver buttons side

with both barred 12/8 treble.


High waist right fitted wool

that black catholic ritual

slitted cuffs for spurred short boots

crunched brown paper bag

tourist leather riding boots

some semi-nomadic commodities

for many central western regions,

their horse-mans’ sentimental region.

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