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Public Murals

Aurora Solar Strike (2013) Paradise Earth Shift (2013) Breathe Word Flow (2010), Desert Life Water (2008), Wishing Stones Project (2013)

Media: architectural clay, grout, under-glazes, clear over-glaze cone 6

Location: W. Northpark Blvd., San Bernardino, CA

After graduating with my BA, I returned to CSU San Bernardino to work alongside Professor Alison Ragguette on four grant-funded architectural ceramic mural projects that were then installed near the main entrance of the campus. There are 4 murals covering 4 columns each 12’ tall. In total we covered about 800 sq. feet. The public murals were funded by the Judy Rodriguez Watson Public Art Project. We received 4 separate grant of $26,000 for each mural. I was the project manager and worked on the design, concept, construction as well as managed a team of student workers.

To incorporate a community outreach component, I directed a fifth grant, “Wishing Stones,” where I led a cohort of university art students to local high schools to give sculpting and creative writing exercises to the students. It was funded by “The Stand Up for San Bernardino Grant”. The project culminated in inscribed ceramic stones that were inlaid around the four ceramic murals. The inscriptions are bilingual, and the activity encouraged the high school students to explore art in higher education. One of our most important goals was to help these young students realize that the university in general and art education in particular is open to them—that a university degree is a reachable goal.

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